Friday, November 8, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

Back in the day I LOVED Buffy. LOVED IT. I even loved Dawn and her shiny, shiny hair. 

However, since it went off the air (almost ten years ago! WTF!!!), I haven't seen a single episode.

Then one Saturday morning I woke up at seven and started flipping around the channels and I found it. 

Buffy. On F/X. Seven days a week. Earlier in the week F/X showed Once More, With Feeling (the musical ep for you non-Buffy fans). Y'all, this just about made my life when it came out (I even owned the CD!). I have to say it hit me in a very different way than it did a decade ago. 

ANYWAY this is a very long winded introduction for a simple topic. I kind of hate when bloggers abandon their blog and then come back with some big long story. I mean, unless you jumped into a lightening field to save your sister-the big green ball of energy-I probably don't care. And I'm going to assume no one really cares why I let this blog sit, either. I mean, it basically goes new job/weekend job/freelancing/ill husband/my own issues/pets/life/boring/boring/boring. 

Part of why I let it sit, though, is sort of relevant. Middle Class Modern started off as a very vintage focused DIY blog. Well, I'm still vintage focused. But I don't have the time/money/inclination to keep up the focus on DIY, and therefore I let the blog fester.

So I'm retrenching and rebranding. Ergo, Where Do We Go From Here. From now on I'm going to blather on about whatever captures my attention. Pets. Building a good work wardrobe. Dealing with a chronically ill spouse. My own depression. Grief. Books. Thrift store shopping. Cooking. Money. Saving money. Cleaning. Organizing. Et cetera. The first two posts this week are pretty representative of how I think the blog might work. 

I'd love for all my current/former readers to come along for the ride!


  1. I'm always open to the ramblings of a friend. Also, Buffy is on netflix- I'm on the last season. I also still have some girlie issues for Spike.


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