Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Long Time No See

Yeah...I've been away for awhile. I've missed this blog and my readers (both of you) very much!

I recently came across this retrospective on Glamour Shots. It reminded me of a terribly embarrassing incident from my own adolescence.

The time I went to Glamour Shots.

So that you realize how out of character this was for me, you must realize I was more Angela Chase than Brenda Walsh. I spent most of middle school wearing black and white clothes, reading Sassy, and rolling my eyes (I was a champion eye roller) at the suburban pursuits of my classmates.

Yes, I was a lot of fun.

But somehow, on a spring Saturday, I ended up Glamour Shots with my aunt and little cousin. Why? Maybe because I was (and am) a bit of an event whore?

After I cracked a joke about them on Facebook, my mother actually scanned them in. And, as punishment for ignoring this here blog, I thought I'd share them.

As I look at these pictures, I try to reconstruct what I was thinking as a I picked these costumes from Galmour Shot's collection and as I posed.

Like this look. WTH was I thinking? I look like a white trash vixen (like Heather Locklear on Dynasty).  J hates this one, because he first saw it at my grandmother's house right after we started dating. He was all "this is kind of a sexy picture of you, even if you have waaaayyyy to much makeup on."

Then I told him I was twelve when it was taken. He now HATES this picture because it freaks him out. Ha.

This outfit looks the most like Tracie in 1991. Dark. No decoration.

However, I didn't usually pair these outfits with curly hair and heavy makeup. I commented on Facebook that I look like a stripper posing as an attorney.

This picture is my favorite. I look pained. Probably from the awkward posing. Or the huge, heavy clip-on earrings. Or both.

Does anyone else have awkward Glamour Shots from their younger years?


  1. I've missed you too, but I've been AWOL too so I can't throw any stones! These pictures are uncomfortably sexy for 12, there was a glamour shots in our mall but I was never cool enough to get my own teen hooker chic photos! Greatest regret of my life.

  2. Twelve? No way! I would have guessed that you were at least in your twenties. Wow...you could have easily sneaked into clubs with just enough Cover Girl. Your Glamour Shots still let you look pretty at least. Mine all make me look like I'm a drunk realtor out on the prowl.

    1. The amusing thing is that I get carded even though I'm now well into my thirties! That's probably the most adult I've looked...ever. Also "drunk realtor out on the prowl"? I love it.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm here to make your life better, Emma. Never forget it.

  4. OMG....Glamour Shots! I never went there, but now I'm thinking maybe I should have. And I still have all my old Sassys. I thought you were too young for Sassy! and I'm glad you're back :)

    1. I can't believe you had the foresight to save your Sassys! I found some scans online and spent an afternoon reading through them. I found Sassy in middle school and it (literally) changed my life. I realized I wasn't the only person like me! Go Sassy.

    2. You can come over any time and we'll spend all day reading my Sassys :). I should reread the Kurt and Courtney one; someone on facebook posted about how it was the 19th anniversary of his suicide a week or two ago #I'msofreakingold

  5. Welcome baaaaaack! OMG I was starting to get worried about ya! I do have Glamour Shots. I went when I was in college as a gift to my now-husband. I remember walking out, thinking, HOW MUCH did I just spend on pictures?? My husband actually had a couple of the photos in his office up until a couple of years ago (15 years after they were taken!) I made him take them down! Soooooo embarrassing! Haha thanks for bringing back a memory!!

  6. I absolutely can't believe you were just 12... I now see Glamour Shots as a pedofile's happy place. lol.


  7. Ahahahaha! I love this! Especially the Lolita come-hither look that you are shooting the camera. Girl, I cannot believe that Glamour Shots used to be so popular. The Bestie Olivia did a Glamour Shot shoot when we were in high school but was so mortified by the gold lame (sp?) wrap that they put her in that she refused to give me a photo and I had to steal it from her house. I proudly displayed it a frame for many years.

    I am happy that you are back and congrats on the new job! I hope that it is a blessing for you.

  8. I have missed your blog more than you know!!!! This was a perfect come-back post! Please keep writing!!! LOVE YOU!

  9. Glad to see you're posting again! This post has given me courage to dig out my own...

  10. Love this! I will have to dig out my own.


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