Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day In The Life

Last Tuesday I kept running notes about my day. Welcome to my world, everyone. Updates are in italics.

5:00 AM: Once or twice a month J has to go in for labs. These appointments are always soul crushingly early. Sometimes they are quick appointments; sometimes they last for HOURS. Luckily, today should be a quick appointment. Also, I'm just the driver so I get to go in my pajamas. #TheresAlwaysASilverLining

Unluckily, I didn't go to bed until 11 and J had a hard night. I should've slept on the sofa, because I think I got maybe three hours of uninterrupted sleep. Where's the coffee?

6:00 AM: Emily and I are hanging out in the car, waiting on J. I'm using the time to get a jump start on my day- going through my inboxes, proofreading today's post one last time, approving and responding to a couple of comments (the pedipaws post was rather controversial!).

6:30-8:00 AM: Time to get ready! First I head off to the kitchen and throw together the ingredients for chicken and lentil stew.  I know I won't have time to make dinner later, and I'm hoping it'll be ready for me to pack some up and take it for lunch. And I don't like to leave J without anything to eat.

Afterwards I grab a shower and quickly get dressed. So quickly I put my heel through the hem of my slacks. I have enough time to quickly hem it back and run into the spare room to press the hem.

There's a slight problem.

Where the *?!!??!!!((***!!! is the ironing board cover? Where? I very vaguely remember taking the cover off for some reason but I can't remember what that reason was OR where I placed said cover. I toss a folded beach towel on the board cursing myself the whole time. (Five days later and I STILL don't know what I did with the cover!)

Kiss J and the furries good-bye, head out the door.

8:00-9:00 AM: Commuting. Someone remind me why we moved so far out? The sun is out, the traffic is slow moving, and I feeeel the lack of sleep. Also, I realize halfway to Atlanta that the lunch I carefully packed? I left sitting on the kitchen counter. Awesome.

9:00-2:00: Although I usually do my freelance work from home, occasionally I venture forth to a client's office. This is one of those days. Luckily? I love these clients! And although they have a lot of things that need addressing, they make time to take me to lunch. I love going out to lunch. I especially love Mediterranean sandwich shops (I have a lamb shawarma. So delicious!)

Photo From Ever New Recipes

They have a huge project they need done YESTERDAY, so when I leave I know that they alone are going to keep me very busy this week, since they need it finished by Friday...

As I'm putting my stuff back in the trunk, I spy the box of recycling that's been chilling back there since Sunday. Whoops. (Update: Five days later I finally managed to drop the recycling off. This occured because of my embarrassment as I edited this post.)

2:00: As I'm walking back to my car I get a text from J. There's a problem with one of his prescriptions. I call the drug store. They tell me they didn't receive the refill authorization. I call the doctor's office. I very clearly remember speaking to the office IN PERSON about this refill. They remember it, too. The problem? It's what the problem ALWAYS IS.

Doctors' office apparently no longer call in refills. They use a service that faxes them into the pharmacy.

Faxes. Them. In.

Has there ever, in the history of technology, been a piece of equipment that works the way its supposed to as RARELY as the fax machine? And why in the $%%^^&&*^%$#@$ are we still using this god-awful dinosaur in 2013? FAX MACHINES SUCK.

Honestly, my most feared phrase in the English language? "I'll just/can you fax this." AHH!!!!!! Let's just accept the eighties are over and scan/email these documents like the adults we are! When something goes awry with an email, there's a trail! There's the initial email! Faxes are akin to sending needed information in a bottle and tossing it into the ocean! Who knows when it will finally show up!

The issue doesn't get resolved, but the pharmacy loans us two days worth while this issue is resolved. (Update: It was, indeed, the fax machines fault.)

3:00-3:40: I'm home! Emily and Nola are happy. J thanks me for dealing with the refill snafu. I check in on the blog, go through my blog and business emails, change clothes, and head out to my part time job. There's more blog business than usual to attend to this week, mostly because I'm arranging Middle Class Modern's first ever giveaway and publishing my first sponsored post. Yay!

4:00-8:00: My other job. I drink lots of caffeine. No one feeds me awesome Mediterranean sandwiches.

8:00-midnight: Grocery store run. I load up on caffeine, milk, and cat food. Get home, jump in the shower, finally have some of the stew I made this morning. Delish. (Alas, a better blogger would've taken pictures.)

When I flip on the television I'm super disappointed, because at some point during the day I became convinced it was Wednesday. So...no Modern Family, no The Americans. At least there's an SVU marathon.

 Cozy in my pajamas I catch up on a couple of smaller freelance projects, prep the Jubilee post for Wednesday morning, and then attack my new project. Around midnight, as I'm drowsing over my laptop, Miss Nola Kitty jumps in my lap and demands cuddles. I take it as a sign and put the laptop up for the night.


  1. You are one busy lady. And... I LOVE Mediterranean food. It's the Greek in me. But damn. I can't live without it. Keep being amazing and wonderful.

  2. Girl, I don't know how you do it. *slow clap* You are awesome.

  3. OMG I was going to say "Girl, how do you do it?" Katie beat me to the punch. But ditto what she said! I'm tired just reading it! But we're so glad you blog despite it all! :-)

  4. I'm trying to remember the last time I faxed something. I think maybe it was when I was temping when we first moved to Boston, so....1998? Dave still faxes things from school sometimes, though. He is brave and does all of our faxing for us. You do a lot before 9. That makes me tired. Fun post to read!

  5. I've been thinking of doing a post like this soon! You are super busy! I don't know how you function on so little sleep!


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