Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Share Your Story: Erin's Art

Meet Erin.

Erin was one of Middle Class Modern's first regular readers, and when she linked up her Pinterest board devoted to the art in her house, I knew I had found a like-minded soul!

So it's super appropriate that Erin's art collection is the first entry in a new feature here at MCM, "Share Your Story." Have you finished a cool craft, own an awesome collection, or are super proud of a room makeover? Email me at middleclassmodern@gmail.com and tell me about. I want to share your story!

Here's what Erin has to say about her oh-so-amazing and oh-so-affordable art collection:

Hi, Tracie! I'm so glad I found your blog! I've been a lover of all things vintage since I was a teen. Both my parents are antiques dealers so I suppose that's where I get it. Vintage art just seems to have SOUL. Most of mine come from thrift stores and Craigslist because I love a bargain! I don't have any rules about what I buy; if I like it, I buy it. Part of the fun, to me, is layering different time periods and styles. (I LOVE that eclectic gallery walls are so popular right now!!) Somehow, even though all my artwork is very different, it makes sense when it's placed together under one roof. And everywhere I turn, I get to see something that makes me smile. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures!  --Erin

Something I think you might all enjoy is how Erin layers vintage and eclectic art into a more traditional home. She also plays with the definition of "art" with charming results. (I've organized her collection into loose themes.) Erin's collection is cool and amazing I'm actually splitting it into two parts-come back next week for the rest of it!

Transportation Art

I love trolleys, and this soft little drawing of a trolley car is just adorable.

This mini-gallery wall of antique car art is fantastic.

I love this one! 

Erin: It's a print of a painting by maritime artist Frank Vining Smith. I love the soft blues.
Me too!

Vintage Portraits

I love this painting of the (Regency?) little girl in a red and cream dress holding a kitten. It's kind of Gainsborough-ish (is it a Gainsborough?).

 This painting of the Victorian woman in a red dress playing the piano is "Sonata" by M. Ditlef. There's an entire series of these paintings. Go ahead and anticipate that post, alright?

Also? I used to own this painting (different frame!). I love that Erin found it recently at a thrift store. For $10. When I've looked on etsy (I'd like to replace my copy) the going price? About $200. #IWantToShopWhereSheShops

Erin: In addition to vintage art, I also love to collect ephemera. (Scrapbooks, journals, etc.) This drawing came from a book full of old schoolwork and artwork by a boy who was in eighth grade in 1910. I had to frame it because it was too cute. Sailor suits were very popular for young people at the turn of the century. 

Amazing Needlepoint

WOW. This is a big, massive needlepoint scene of a steeple against mountains. Done by HAND. Someone worked really, really hard on this. I love landscape orientated pieces like this!

Erin: This vintage needlepoint picture is huge! It just have taken months to complete. It's such an unusual size and I love the colors.

Or, you know, what Erin said.

All right, so here's the partial tour of Erin's art collection. Come back next week for the rest...and in the meantime, remember to share your story!


  1. Awww, love it! Thanks so much. :-)

  2. I LOVVVVVE that ship piece so much. I'm going to kid nap it :)

    1. Ha ha! The funny thing is, it sat on Craigslist FOREVER before I bit the bullet and went out to take a look at it! This poor woman reposted it for months. After I saw it in person I couldn't believe it hadn't been snatched up by someone else!!

  3. Love her collection! I enjoy finding cool pieces on Etsy--it is affordable and I would much rather give my money to an artist than a big box store for a boring beige picture of a bunch of squiggles.

  4. My grandmother used to make elaborate needlepoints like that. Hers were always a lot...pinker, though. Don't tell my grandmother, but that one's way cooler ;)

  5. I love finding art the same way as Erin and I love that she framed the drawing of the boy in a sailor suit! I actually came across some cute floral needlepoints today!

  6. Erin, I have the painting "Sonata" and another woman in a blue dress playing the piano if you are interested.

    1. I am interested in the "Sonata" piece if you still have it. Contact me please at wwagnurse01@aol.com. Thanks

  7. Are these the paintings or copies of the 2 you have ("Sonata" & woman in blue)? Do you have any pics?


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