Thursday, February 21, 2013

Share Your Story: Erin's Art Part II

One thing that really caught my eye when Erin shared her Pinterest link with me back in the day was the originality of her collection. Yes, she has an amazing eye for finding amazing painting at the thrift store. She also susses out more original items to hang on her walls. 

I love it! I think it's very easy to get hung up in the "important painting" idea when we are decorating rooms. Here are some other original ideas for inexpensive (but fabulous!) wall decorations. Some of these ideas are especially good for filling out gallery walls.

Erin: Two framed pages from a vintage 1940s children's book. The illustrations are by Pelagie Doane. This is hanging in my daughter's room.

Erin: I found a 1970s typography book at St. Vinny's for one dollar and framed the pages in matching frames from Walmart. I painted the mats turquoise to match all the turquoise in my house! These look great in the hallway.

Erin: Prints of 4 Ladies' Home Journal covers from the turn of the century. I have sort of an Edwardian theme in the guest bathroom (I guess inspired by Downton Abbey, ha ha.)

Erin: Vintage license plate. This is a fun way to spruce up an area, and you can usually get vintage plates for not too much money.

I love this idea! Prior to the seventies/eighties most states issued a new metal plate every year, so it might be possible to find years meaningful to you. I'd like to find a vintage license plate from every state we visit together and hang them in the hallway. Be very cool to add on to them from time to time!

Erin: I bought 6 vintage postcards from places that were meaningful to me and my husband (where he was born, where I was born, where we met, where we live, etc.) I framed them & hung them together to create this piece.

Yeah...I'm stealing this idea.

 Erin: A hand-painted peacock cutting board. This was painted by a local Norwegian man. Is it creepy that I Googled him after I bought it? :-)

I always pull out my Nancy Drew skills after I buy something with a name on it.

Classic vintage silhouettes. I think these were probably mass produced in the mid-twentieth century.

Erin: Vintage rolling pin and a similar toy one hanging on the soffit in my kitchen. I thought they looked sweet together.

So that's a portion of Erin's amazing art collection. Do you have something you'd like to share? Email me!

What about you guys? What non-traditional things do you have hanging in your house?

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  1. I love the idea of framing pages from books, especially children's books. They are often the deepest.


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