Monday, February 11, 2013

Favorite Things: TV!

In honor of Valentine's Day I'm devoting this week of posts to my favorite things. Sounds fun, right? I'm going to post my favorite recipe, introduce my first Your Story (from one of my favorite readers!),   all sorts of fun stuff.

So I thought I'd kick off with my favorite television shows. Because, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I really don't spend all my time watching Bewitched and The Brady Bunch.

1. Downton Abbey
The Beautiful Crawley Sisters. From PBS
Downton Abbey is simply incredible. I know there's rumblings about how season three isn't as good as season two which wasn't as good as season one...whatever. J watched it with me one night and described as "General Hospital with accents, costumes, and castles."

When the man is right the man is right. Downton Abbey  is exactly a soap opera with posh accents and amazing accessories. And I can't get enough of it. If you are the rare person who hasn't seen it, I won't spoil it for you. Just go watch it, twitter me, and lets dish.

2. Dallas

Image From TNT
True story: Dallas was my favorite show growing up. My whole family would watch together on Friday nights (I still remember my mother's reaction to Bobby's death being just a dream. The gist was "this is ridiculous." With curse words.

So naturally I'm ALL OVER the reboot. Y'all, Christopher is SO WHINY. How did Bobby raise that brainless brat? I'm rooting for Pambecca and John Ross simply because they manage to be evil AND rank lower on the douche-o-meter!

(We aren't even going to talk about Larry Hagman's death, okay?)

3. Community

Yeah, I love Annie and Jeff. So what? Photo from NBC
The goings-on at Greendale Community College never fail to leave me howling (and sometimes very, very confused). My favorite ever ep? The Law & Order spoof from last season. J and I were crying we were laughing so hard. 

Okay, and the fake youtube couple vid of Annie and Jeff was also pretty classic. And and and. 

4. Scandal 

Grey's Anatomy never did anything for me. So I pretty much gave Scandal a pass. Then a funny thing happened: everyone on Facebook and Twitter started talking about it. Non-stop. All the time. So I gave it a shot.

Coincidentally, this was the episode where President Fitz (Olivia's undercover lover/Republican president she rigged the election for without his knowledge) was shot, and LANE KIM FROM THE GILMORE GIRLS WAS KILLED.

OMG! I was hooked. This is another show I attempted to describe to J. I went with "it's like the West Wing, if the West Wing had been written by romance novelists and Martin Sheen was all kinds of wrong-hot."

Shockingly, this didn't make him want to watch it.

Really, though, there's a better description. It's a crazy pastiche of Valley of the Dolls meets All The Presidents Men meets The West Wing with a heaping side of Machiavelli (seriously, Machiavelli would be incredibly impressed with the endless machinations of First Lady Melly...who might be named for him, actually, come to think).

Anyway. Watch it.

5. Mad Men

Raise your hand if you just sort of automatically assumed Mad Men is my favorite television show? Yeah, you are right. And this year it comes back the week of my birthday! Thanks, AMC.

I will say that while I love looooovvvveeee the set design (the office is my favorite, but Don and Megan's penthouse is also incredibly awesome) and the costumes, the whole show is amazing. The actors, the dialogue, and I even think Matthew Weiner and company handle the history in a real, organic, IVeryRarelyThrowThingsAtTheTelevision kind of way.

So...these are my favorites. I'm very grateful they aren't all on at the same time so I can actually watch them all! What about you guys? What shows do you love?


  1. You have me intrigued about Scandal....

    Love Mad Men and Downton Abbey.

    I tried to watch Community and couldn't get into it. But maybe I need to give it another try. Only I kept thinking that about 30Rock, and then I DID give it another try, and I was still like, "eh."

    I'm a little obsessed with Nashville these days. For my American soap opera fix. I read a review that summed it up as, "sometimes you just want to watch pretty people sing." But also I love Connie Britton. I miss Friday Night Lights.

    1. I think to really enjoy Community you have to be kind of twisted and ADD. You are probably to well-adjusted (and that's a good thing!).

      I'll have to give Nashville a try, because I love Connie Britton.

  2. I've never watched Dallas, but my parents LOVED that show. Apparently that's where they got my name from. IS there a character named Mekenzie? I wouldn't know. But they always tell me that's where they heard my name. Weirdos :)

    1. I didn't remember a Mekenzie, but I was intrigued, so I looked it up. Mekenzie is from "Knots Landing", the Dallas spin-off.

      I'm always here for you, Kenz.

  3. Mellie = Machiavelli? Interesting. But, really, they're all Machiavellian, aren't they? Even Fitz now.

  4. I agree about Scandal! Used to be a guilty pleasure but now it is just a pleasure. But was it Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls or Paris Geller who was killed?? I thought Paris.


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