Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fantastic Vintage Valentines!

Many years ago I bought a used book (I believe it was Arthur Hailey's "Hotel") and found a beautiful vintage Valentine inside. I loved it, and for years it hung out on my fridge. I adore how retro valentines combine the beautiful typography and commercial artistry from the mid-century era.

The puns are also kind of classic. Here are some of my favorites from around the web.

artist valentine 
Dogs randomly appear in a lot of valentines from the 1950s and 60s. I approve! I love the little artist with her blonde topknot, pink artist coverall, and red keds.
 darn it valentine
Combining a knitting joke and valentines day? Darn it, why not?
Bat Girl Valentine 

This bat girl, "I'm Batty About You!" valentine might be favorite.

Donut Valentine 
Do-nut say that you don't love this valentine! Doughnuts! Coffee cups!
Head Over Heels Valentine
The kids on this "Heels Over Head" valentine sort of look like the Campbell Soup kids, doncha think?

My Heart Is Yours Doggie Valentine
A sweet vintage doggie declares "My Heart Is Yours."

Hello Valentine!
Here's a valentine honey Don Draper would approve of, since it appears she's mixing sort of cocktail.

Hot Dawg Valentine
A dog making hot dawgs! Get it?
Popcorn Valentine

This valentine pops a corny question- Will You Be My Valentine?

Singing Valentine

Another random doggie. This one sings! Love the crooner.

Strike Up A Match Valentine
I feel like there is some innuendo in this strike up a match Valentine, don't you?
Small Fry Valentine
This is a very wordy Valentine, but the two little eggs in the cast iron frying pan is so cute! I love anamorphic food, don't you?


  1. Those are all the so cute! The doggy "my heart is yours" is pretty sweet!

  2. Cute! And you know I love a good pun, so these are win-win.


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