Thursday, January 10, 2013

Super Affordable: Anthropolgie Curtain Alternatives

So I mentioned Monday that Stephanie made me realize I needed some feminine pattern power in our living room, which consists of dark wood furniture, deep tan walls, a beige rug, brown leather couch, and nautical and horse art. Naturally, I went back to Anthropologie for some inspiration.

Anthropologie Finnia Curtain
I love the idea of these curtains. A graphic floral with a barkcloth look is exactly what my living room needed. But what I didn't need was an $188 a panel price tag. Ouch! Plus the colorway wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Wildflower Curtain
This $39 a panel Urban Outfitter alternative is a pretty close match to the Anthro Finnia. It's also available in a green and gray color way, which I absolutely love.

Urban Outfitters Plum & Bow Wildflower Curtain

Naturally, when looking for vintage-y floral curtains I hit up Mod Cloth. Love these aqua floral and fauna panels.

Modcloth Flora and Fauna Curtain
I think, though, that I love these Fowl Play curtains even more. And they are only $37.99 each!

Mod Cloth Fowl Play Curtain
These Target panels are pretty close to the Anthropologie curtains, but at a better price AND with a more forgiving color palette. $23.99 for a panel.

Target Maya Panel
These, of course, are the ones I went with.

Also, don't forget to check Etsy, eBay, thrift stores, and craigslist. Anthropologie's whole aesthetic is based around vintage finds. I mean, the $5 I paid for three panels certainly can't be beat! And it gives the exact feel I wanted from the more expensive Anthro version- feminine but not fussy, pattern, using colors already going on in the room while adding some new hues, and a vintage vibe.


  1. They really brighten up your room. I love it. I also really love those blue lamps!

  2. $5 curtains were definitely the way to go! I'm always shocked by how expensive even "cheap" curtains's that tricky selling them by the panel thing they do!


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