Thursday, January 17, 2013

Makin Like Goldilocks.

Y'all, I wanted to post my brand new shiny gallery wall but I've come down with something I hope is just a cold, and not the flu that's taken out half the country. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with gallery wall goings on.

We have a deep, dark secret.

Our bed is broken. I wish there was an awesome story involving how we broke the bed that involved nurses uniforms and handcuffs, but sadly not. Actually Emily was the only one on the bed when it broke.

I don't what we did that caused one leg to snap off. But it's been resting on bricks ever since. This is not a stable arrangement.

It's helped me realize that our bedroom is a sad, sad place. The only decoration is the little gallery wall of Lila pictures. So I'm devoting February (appropriate, yes?) to a bedroom redo. I'm planning on refurbishing the awesome mid-century side tables we trash-picked over the holidays, making some curtains, upgrading our bedding, rehabbing some amazing 1950s lamps I scored at the thrift store, maybe painting the walls, definitely painting the seventies chest of drawers we trash-picked from different neighbors over the summer, venturing into the world of engineer prints...but most importantly we have to do something about the bed situation.

I've decided I'm going to DIY a bed. Yep. Just because the last time I built something I was in high school and it was a set piece for a community theater musical doesn't mean I can't knock out an amazing bed, right? Of course right!

Over on Facebook I talked about building a platform bed from scratch, but I don't think I have the tools (or courage). So I've narrowed on beds I think will be easy to DIY.

1. Pipe Bedframe

Photo From Simplified Building
I'm a little in love with this. Y'all know how I feel about making things from pipe. Maybe not the most comfortable option, though. But it doesn't require crazy tools. A nice, easy build your own bed idea.

2. Upholstered Box Springs With Furniture Legs

Picture From Momma Rake
I LOVE THIS. Your tools? A staple gun, some fabric, furniture legs, and a drill. Yes'm, I have all of these things. Naturally I'd pick legs more closely aligned to my design ideals...

Photo From Lowe's
Like these awesome tapered legs from Lowe's. I checked them out in person, and they are real wood. So I could stain them to match the walnut legs of our mid-century bankers table (it holds our television), and they are the same shape as said bankers table and our new nightstands. Lots of tapered leg action.

3. Ana White Platform Bed

Photo From Ana White
Here's a platform bed from Ana White. The hardest to construct from my three options...but it looks really nice and I'd really like a platform bed.

So, has anyone built a bed? Any tips? Ideas? Thoughts on why I'm crazy?


  1. We broke a bed too. *cough*

    I personally like the upholstered boxspring with the midcentury legs. I think it'll fit in best with your overall design.

  2. We have a platform bed now, and I had (a different one) one at my last 2 apartments as well. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Plus being nice and low to the ground makes it easier for the animals to hop on in :).

    I like the pipe one!

  3. I've built an Ana White farmhouse bed. It's actually quite simple, but choose the most updated plans. The early ones have some fastening flaws. It took basic tools and could even be done with just a handsaw, but I used the mitresaw. The time-consumer is the finishing of the piece. Good luck.

  4. I don't know if I would ever be brave enough to build my own bed. But I have complete confidence in you!

    And don't feel bad... we broke our first bed too. We were using books to hold it up. Bricks are a MUCH better idea.

  5. I bet you could definitely build a platform bed. My Dad and I built one in one weekend once. I don't have it now but it was easy to move from apartment to apartment because we built it so that it could just be screwed apart in pieces. Good luck with whatever you decide!

  6. Have you considered using a metal bed frame? With or with out a headboard, it will give you the platform look, snd you could also upholster the bed springs. I can't wait to see how this project goes!


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