Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Get My Kick On Route 66

So a few years back I spoke at a conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico (the conference was about the Atomic bomb and popular culture; yes, this is the sort of thing I used to do. Yes, I really miss it. #GradSchoolIsInTheCards). It was the first "real" academic conference I spoke at, and I was super excited about the opportunity.

I was also super excited because of a simple geographical fact. Albuquerque is on the historic Route 66. Y'all know I planned this trip so I had time to explore. I didn't get to drive as much of Route 66 as I wanted, but I still had a fantastic time. So. Much. To. See.

See, a lot of googie and atomic mid-century architecture still exists on Route 66. It was a wonderland for a popular architecture dork like me.

So today I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures from the trip. I'm not stamping them with my watermark. They are open for non-commerical use, should anyone feel so inclined.

Abandoned motel, west of Albuquerque, Route 66.

Close up on abandoned motel. Modern Cabins! There were actually cows wondering in the rooms when I pulled to the side of the road, but I scared them off.

Desert Sands Motel, Route 66 Albuquerque, New Mexico. The USA show In Plain Sight often used it as a shooting location! I think it is still open.

Nob Hill Motel, Albuquerque Route 66. Absolutely fantastic vintage motel sign.

Hiway House Motel, Route 66, Albuquerque. Love the Color TV pylon sign on the left.

Abandoned Whiting Brothers gas station/motel/grocery store sign. Whiting Brothers was a western chain that provided everything the traveling motorist could need. This station is between Albuquerque and Grants, New Mexico.

Abandoned Whiting Brothers Gas Station. Ruins. Route 66.

Automobile junk yard on Route 66, just outside of Grants, New Mexico.

Just know in the future there'll be lots of tl:dr blogging about Route 66 and mid-century leisure architecture in general, because that's the kind of thing that makes me happy.

People who know me in real life are already dreading the twenty-part series on Howard Johnsons that we all know is in the cards.


  1. I love Albq! It's a cool place. I'm partial to the whole 4 corners thing anyway ;) Those are really great pictures. Also, I LOVE your signature at the bottom of the post.

    1. I just wish I knew why my signature moves around!

      Thanks! I LOVE Albq! I'd actually really like to move there.

  2. I went to college on Route 66. The town was much like the disney movie Cars. Adorable little town that got completely forgotten about when they built the highway 12 miles over.

    1. How very Bates Motel! That's awesome. I'm jealous. I want pictures.

  3. "there will be lots of blogging about...because that's the kind of thing that makes me happy." GOOD FOR YOU, tracie! blog it out. :)

  4. Neat pics! I have an uncle in Albuquerque but I've never been out that way!


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