Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hanging A Gallery Wall: Part One

Yep, I'm back with a gallery wall update.

Here's our nice, long wall in the living room.

Blankety blank blank blank. Also, I notice I never replaced the outlet cover after I painted.

In May. Of 2012. My bad. I'll get on that.

My paint job, by the way, is not the streaky mess it appears in this picture. We get weird natural light in this room because the living room window is under a deep porch roof. I need to take a picture in the morning, because the light is beautiful then. And all my lamplight is over on that side of the room, adding to the weird shadow-palooza.


This is how far I got.

The lake country lithograph isn't working for me there. Good to know. Painting the frame blue was a huge mistake since the picture is already so intensely blue. I see a date with spraypaint in the frame's future.

So my "process" was I found the exact middle of the wall and hung slightly above that point. The mirror is also functional, so having it around face level is nice.

The bottom edge of Van Gogh Sailing Boats Les Saintes Maries painting hits at the halfway point of the mirror. The top edge of my embroidered quote in the vintage frame hits in the middle at the other side. Then I started filling in.

So I was busy hanging a vintage tray under the "Home Is Wherever We Are Together" piece when...I thoroughly, thoroughly messed up.

See...I'm still not over this stupid flu/whatever, and so I was hurrying through this so I could collapse on the sofa. Instead of taking down all the pictures when I put the hanger up for the next one I just left them in place.

This was fine, except there's a stud running down the lake district/quote/tray vertical line. So it requires some forceful hammering, which I'm providing when the quote falls on my hand and the lake district falls on my head.

As it turns out, head wounds DO bleed profusely! Yep, a bloody head and a busted knuckle.

J patched me up and sent me to bed, ordering me to "leave the d*mn wall alone until you feel better."


ANYWAY. I made a gif! Watch the salon wall, at roughly it's halfway point, come together!

(It's kind of hypnotic!)



    You're so fancy.

    Also, A head wound? Really, Tracie? Blogging is not about head wounds...

  2. NO HEAD WOUNDS! The wall is looking nice though. And I'm really impressed with your gif! neeeeeat!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Love the gif and where you are going with your gallery wall!


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