Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Five

So as I'm wasting away, Camille-style, I thought I'd share five web finds that amused me this week. Some are home related. Some are not.

5. My Girl Thursday

Photo From My Girl Thursday

I saw this pic over on Pinterest, and I'm obviously very into art walls at the moment. This gallery wall contains a familiar element. See it? The boy holding the musical instrument on the right? Yep, the same one I own.

Now that I know they are part of the set (Girl Thursday has a different girl) I want them ALL. Muuhahaha.

3. One Life To Live/All My Children Coming Back?

Photo From Deadline

I think I've mentioned before I'm something of a soap-fan. I might watch General Hospital on my laptop every night. Maybe. (I'm still giggling over Faison's Duke mask melting off his face when Robert threw the fondue on him. Yes, this happened).

Anyway, One Life To Live and All My Children are apparently being resurrected online by Prospect Park. Pretty exciting. Of course, three OLTL characters are now on GH, so that might cause a few problems...(BTW, loving the vampire storyline on GH!).

2. Notre Dame's Manti Te'o Tragic Dead Girlfriend...Not So Dead, Not So Real?

Photo From Sports Illustrated

If you follow me on Twitter you know I got a leetle interested in the Manti T'eo saga. This is mainly because J forces me to watch watches college football so I was subjected to T'eo's tragic story.

The breakdown, if you don't know it, is something like this. Girlfriend in car accident in the spring, girlfriend diagnosed with leukemia, grandmother dies, girlfriend dies but tells T'eo to keep playing football, T'eo sends white roses to her funeral.

The only things that actually happened in, you know, real life? His grandmother died and he plays football for Notre Dame. The rest of it...not so much. T'eo is claiming he was duped. Hmm. I mean he never skyped, facetimed, or google chatted with his girlfriend? I'm not really buying it.'s a mess. ESPN and Sports Illustrated apparently both thought the story raised red flags but kept quiet because...they like access to Notre Dame's football programs? That's my theory. Anyway, Deadspin actually broke the story, causing me great glee when they were namechecked by NPR this morning. Also, it led me to realize that...

1. Perry Mason Is A Lying Liar Who Lies?

Photo From Radio Of YesterYear

So back in the day Raymond Burr told the story about Annette Sutherland, the beautiful Scottish aspiring actress with whom he fell in love, married, and had a child. Sutherland died tragically in the same plane crash that killed Leslie Howard (best known as Ashley Wilkes in Gone With The Wind). Later their young son died of leukemia (that same disease that took out Manti's fake girlfriend). 

Yeah...Annette Sutherland, apparently, never existed. Neither did the young son. There's no paper trail for them here or in Scotland/the United Kingdom. She wasn't on the list of passengers for BOAC flight 777, where Leslie Howard perished. 

Burr apparently did this again with third wife Laura Morgan in the 1950s. He married her, she died tragically of cancer...and yet no one ever met her and there's no record of their marriage or her birth/death. Whoops.

So why did Burr invent then kill off two wives? Apparently to cover up his sexual orientation. Very sad.

Also, I had no idea there were so many fake dead women in the world.

Don't forget to come back Monday and link up your quick crafy/DIY/organization/whatever project in the DIY Action Squad link party! And on Tuesday I'll post the finished gallery wall.


  1. I can't wait to see your gallery wall. I hope you feel better soon! Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. I have learned so much from this post! Raymond Burr had fake dead wives! AMC and OLTL might be coming back online, does that mean Erica Kane will once again be free to scheme and connive and marry frequently? Dare to dream!

    1. We can only hope about Erica Kane. I was shocked about Raymond Burr. Someone left a comment referencing it on Twitter, so you know I was looking that shite INSTANTLY. Couldn't believe it of Perry Mason/Ironsides!

  3. That Raymond Burr thing is totally weird! I wonder if it is really true?!?!?

    1. I found multiple articles that references his wives, and the fact that numbers 1 and 3 apparently never existed. No paper trail, no marriage documents, no death certificates for them or the son.


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