Monday, January 28, 2013

Actually Completing A Pinterest Project!: An Easy, DIY Sweater Wrapped Picture Frame

Back in December Home Made Modern posted Smallgood Hearth's DIY sweater wrapped picture frame. Y'all know how I feel about upcycling old sweaters. I immediately pinned it, planning to do it ASAP.

Photo From Smallgood Hearth

Yeah, almost two months later still counts as ASAP, right?

I've had this frame forever (part of my staggeringly large collection of odd frames), but it isn't really my style. Meaning it was perfect for this project!

The original project called for a staple gun, but I decided to use my trusty glue gun instead.

I cut a square slightly larger than the frame from the front of the donor sweater (I've already used the sleeves to make sweaters for our dog, Emily, and I have plans for the back).

A line of hot glue goes across the top of the frame, and then I fold the sweater over it.

I did the same on the bottom. For the sides I folded the corners like you would when wrapping a present.

Then, because this frame is constructed strangle, I flipped open the part where the picture actually goes and cut a small square. Then I pulled this back and glued into place.

Ta-da! One easy, diy sweater wrapped frame! This project took me maybe ten minutes, and now I'm quite fond of this strange little square picture frame!

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  1. Look at you! Being all crafty...Ten points!

  2. I really like that. It adds a lot of texture! What a great project :)

  3. looks great! I love how much mileage you're getting out of that sweater :)

  4. It is awesome Tracie! I've got too many frames I don't think I'll ever use and I love how quick this was!


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