Friday, December 28, 2012

What Y'all Did This Year

Thank you all for the support and kind messages yesterday.

The reason I have a blog? Is because I love reading blogs. These are the projects I found especially inspiring this year, in no particular order. Except for the last one, because? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Photo From Young House Love
Young House Love moved into their new home in 2011, painted their master bedroom Carolina Inn Club Aqua by Valspar (embarrassingly? I didn't even have to look that up. Love that color.), bought a new bed, bedding, a rug, and decorated their nest. And then? They realized it wasn't working. Kudos to them for admitting it. Not only to themselves, but to their MILLIONS of readers. They proceeded to switch the bedding, rework the bed, buy an amazing new rug, rearrange the furniture...and then they hit pay dirt when they repainted the room in a great, moody gray. Their room looks amazing and it illustrates the point it's okay if you've made a decorating choice you've come to regret. Move on and make yourself happy.

Photo From Broke Ass Home
If your puppy needs a new bed, do you....

1. Go to Petsmart?
2. Recycle an old television?

If you are Emma from Broke Ass Home, you go with option two. Isn't the television turned dog bed adorable?

Photo From Interiors By Kenz
When the adorable Kenz from Interiors By Kenz announced she was going to revamp her um, not lovely fireplace I gave her the internet equivalent of a pat on the head. It was bad, and I didn't think a few DIY projects could change it.

Yeah. I was wrong. It looks amazing, and totally changed her living room.

Photo From Sandpaper and Glue
Anytime Stephanie from Sandpaper and Glue posts a picture of her master bedroom I comment on how much I love this dresser. She took a regular you-see-them-at-every-junk-store older dresser and completely transformed it with some navy paint and and reworking the original hardware.

This project makes me think of Stephanie every night before I go to sleep. Why? Because I stare at a our giant hulk of a 1970s chest of drawers and plot a hopefully as effective new look for it.

Photo From Boxy Colonial
Gretchen from Boxy Colonial is pregnant, homeschools, and is DIY-ing an entire house makeover. In the midst of all this she created a lovely little library I like to call "my dream space"! The storage! A room devoted to my books! A cozy chair! A cool lamp! Pretty blue paint!

She knocked it right out of the park.

Photo From DIY On The Cheap
DIY On The Cheap's office/living room is filled with the end products of great projects. These include the shelving unit, a dresser, and a card catalogue, amongst others. Also? I'm completely obsessed with that desk.

Photo From Ugly Duckling House
Sarah from the Ugly Duckling House is a DIY wunderkind. I love this bathroom update that included painting linoleum floors and a new vanity.

Photo From The Brick House
The Brick House didn't have one specific project or post I could point to this year as especially inspiring, but Morgan's whole aesthetic inspires me. I love her white walls and vintage modern minimalism. I'll never achieve it, but I love it. Her furniture choices are always amazing, and I love that she rotates pieces in and out of her home.

Photo From House*Tweaking
Dana from House*Tweaking walked into your average 1950s ranch and thought, hmm, this would look so much better with fewer walls and a vaulted ceiling.

She proceeded to tear out the walls and loft the ceiling to the rafters, along with installing a brand new kitchen (okay, she had help, but you get my point). There are no words for how much I love this.

So what projects inspired y'all this year? And, more importantly, what projects did you complete you are especially proud of?


  1. thanks for the feature Tracie! :) Aaaand for pointing out some new blogs for me to creep all up on.

    1. I love that dresser so much, Stephanie! The color is so amazing. Enjoy your creeping.

  2. ah, my library--thanks!! And I'm in such good company...I think about Emma's TV dog bed all the time...I think eventually I might not be able to live without making my own anymore.

  3. Thanks for believing in me and my fireplace Tracie :) You're the greatest. ALSO, i LOVVVVE the new blog design. It's really reflecting your style. Looks good!

    1. Thanks, Kenz! I seriously think you should submit your fireplace to DIY magazine. Because it is awesome.

  4. I love you. Have I told you that? Like I have very strong feelings of love for you.


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