Monday, December 31, 2012

What We Did Over The Holidays

We live in the historic district of our little lakeside town. It's wonderful and lovely and amazingly picturesque.

It also doesn't have streetlights on the extremely narrow roads in the residential section. So this is what our pretty neighborhood looks like at night. Especially on rainy or overcast nights.

So J and I are on our way home from the grocery, on a rainy holiday week night when something glimmers in the corner of my eye. I slam on the brakes. J unfortunately was holding a drink the moment I slammed on the brakes.

Whoops. He was then no longer so much holding the drink as wearing it.

"OH MY GOD WHAT'S WRONG?" J screamed, dripping with milk (yes, he carries milk around in the grown-up equivalent of a sippy cup. It's a long story). "DID YOU HIT SOMETHING?" He later tells me he thought someone's pet had gotten loose. Thank goodness, no.

I'm staring openmouthed, waving my hands around in UTTER SHEER EXCITEMENT. I can't speak. I can't breathe. I'm so excited.

I can see the merest glimmer of a metal foot and a tapered leg. I can make out one long piece topped by a smaller one.

Finally, I breathlessly announce, "There's mid-century furniture in that trash pile!!!!"

"Are you serious?" J asks quietly. Then, "Where? I can't see anything."

This is what I'm seeing in my mind's eye at this point. 

Photo From Strictly Heywake
Yes, for a moment I think I've found Heywood-Wakefield side step tables in the neighbor's trash.Then my mind runs through all the other tiered mid-century tables I've seen and admired. I decide finding any mid-century furniture in a trash pile would pretty much make my life.

I am absolutely ridiculously excited. 

This is when I jump out of the car and run over to the tables. Leaving my door ajar. I see immediately that I'm right, they are bi-level vintage side tables. They aren't Heywood-Wakefield. I don't care. 

"You need to pull the car up so we can put them in the trunk," J says, getting out of the car, into the blowing rain. 

I freeze. Honestly? I was worried if I stopped to move the car up someone else would come along, on this cliched dark and stormy night, and take my mid-century side tables from the trash pile.

"But...someone could take them," I stammer, clutching the table I've freed from the pile in an incredibly awkward embrace.

"MOVE THE CAR. NO ONE WANTS YOUR TRASHED TABLES." He didn't yell, by the way. But there was a certain firmness there.

So I nervously move the car up the requested five feet (I slammed on the brakes the instant my eye registered mid century leg) and we load them into the car. My incredibly patient husband helps me get them in the house, although they (and we) are absolutely soaked. Then he helps me dry them off, because I'm afraid if they stay wet they'll warp. 

The good news is that one table is in really nice shape. 

The other table is missing a leg. HOWEVER. The incredibly considerate neighbors also threw away said leg, and I found it. J says it'll be easy to reattach it. The bigger issue is that the finish on that table is marred. These are Formica, or laminate, side tables. Refinishing isn't an option, so I think I'll just paint them. I am toying with the idea of re-formicaing them.

(Also? These pics were taken while I prepped the living room for waxing the floors. I'll have the horrific details of that experience later in the week. I'm still processing.)

I'm picturing the end result looking something like this.

Photo From A Modern Line
Creamy top, black legs, preserve the vintage brass details. I'm so glad we found these, partly because we recently broke our bed and I think what we will get will be a lot lower than our current bed, which means our nightstands would be higher than the top of the mattress. Not good. These will be perfect with a lower bed.

Also, did you know my Facebook followers got a sneak peak? Follow me to get even more glimpses of the insanity around here! I the only trash picker? Does anyone else have a trash picked score they'd like to share?

I hope everyone has a safe New Year's Eve and I'll see you back here next year!


  1. i love this! matt is forever embarrassed with my trash picking. i feel no shame at all :)

    1. Really? You are just being a responsible citizen. Instead of those awesome chairs taking up some space in a landfill they are glamming it up on your sunporch. Ecologically responsible.

  2. lol HILARIOUS! 1- I love that J carries milk around in an adult sippy cup.
    2- LOVVVVVVVVVVVE the tables! If you paint them, you should TOTALLY paint-dip the legs 2 or 3 inches in a pop of color. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it!

    1. That's SUCH a good idea. I haven't paint dipped anything. Maybe I'll give it a try.


      I agree.

      I also think your super power rocks.

  3. Nice find! I saw a cool end table at the thrift store the other day and didn't get it because I didn't know how to handle the veneer. Can't wait to see what you do with these :)

    1. Oh, I have handled buckled/missing veneer. Depending on what you want to do with it, it's not that difficult. If only you still lived in Atlanta!

  4. Wow!!! It's like it was meant to be! Can't wait to see the finished result.

    1. Me neither! I actually need J's help with the legs so I'm in wait mode.

  5. I drool and swoon over Hey-wake! Someday I will own side tables like the ones you pictured! Let us know how your re-Formica goes, I've never tried it. Happy new year!

    1. I can never decide what Hey-Wake is my favorite. I'd probably cut a bitch for some dog bone chairs, and I think their dressers/credenzas are beyond gorgeous. Although I love dressers/credenzas in general. I feel like at some point I'll be collecting them like other crazy ladies collect cats.

  6. My mother has found many a good furniture piece by the side of the road. I typically don't find/indulge, but I certainly don't judge.

    I loooove the pic of what your street looks like at night, btw.


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