Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Dollar Store Frame Up

Last week I wrote about how I turned a collage frame into a regular frame. Now I'm going to use that frame (and four others) to create a collage of frames! 

I mentioned how I had purchased some dollar store frames after striking out at the thrift store. They were...okayish. Redoing the dollar store frames was a total must, though, so we had a date with a can of oil rubbed bronze spraypaint I had from another project.

I lightly sanded them (although they are, uh, cheap plastic) and then started spraying light, quick coats.

It took many, many coats. A truly ridiculous amount of spraying went on. After letting the spray painted frames dry and off gas outside I brought them in to put them together.

Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh. Do you know what one of my least favorite little decorating things is? Putting pictures in freaking frames. I understand it's a simple concept for many people, but not for me.

I took no pictures of this process because I was very busy cursing and somehow cutting my finger on a frame with no sharp edges (I think its a paper cut). Then imagine whining. You've got the scene!

Once the drama was over I laid the pictures out on our bed and started experimenting. I had two 5x8 horizontal frames, two 5x8 vertical frames, and one square frame. After playing around I realized a 33"x33" square frame arrangement looked best. I flipped the frames over, placed the fake photos that came with them over them, and then marked where the hanger was on the paper.

Our bedroom is so awful. Decorating it consisted of placing our furniture in it. Oh, well, we did hang a roman shade. On one window. We have two. I'm so ashamed! Across from our bed we have an ancient, ugly little loveseat/sofa. The best thing I can say about the sofa is that it's provided a place for guest dog to sleep. In other words, #itsdaysarenumbered. Our little frame arrangement is going over it.

I taped up my little frame templates with Frog tape (all the better not to injure our unpainted walls!). I hammered the nails in on my marks and then ripped the paper away. Super easy.

Ta da! By the way, I realize this would be far more effective if you could see the pictures...but, breast. This conversation actually happened at Casa MCM.

J: "Why don't hang them in the living room?"
Me: (Silently holds up picture)
J: "Good point."

So. I spent $4 in dollar store frames. The 8x10s were free thanks to a Walgreens promotion. We had one frame (it just needed a little surgery) and the oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

Total cost: $4. Now we just have to see how well the dollar store frames hold up.

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