Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Anthropologie, Hate the Prices

Yep. I love Anthropologie. I think the first thing I bought there was a floral skirt, back in 2001. Wore the stitching out it. Over the years I've bought toothpaste, glass doorknobs, and even my wedding dress from Anthropologie.

However, I can't afford most of the things I fall in love with at Anthropologie, and I fall in love quite frequently. So, what to do? Find or make better priced alternatives. Here are two Anthro look for less alternatives for Anthroplogie sheet sets.

1. Sunbird Sheet Set 

For example, Sunday morning these popped up on Pinterest.

Photo From Anthropologie
The Sunbird Sheet Set is so, so pretty (I'm sure J will hate them). They retail at $148 for a queen size set. Yeah, no. They are lovely and vintage inspired...so you could always haunt thrift stores and hope for the best. Or you could try Etsy. Etsy/vintage works best if you need twin or full size sheets. Queen is harder with vintage, and king is just about impossible. As far as other retail options, there are basically two different ways you could go. You could focus on the birds...

Photo From Vermont Country Store
These sweet blue with red cardinals flannel sheets are from the Vermont Company Store. The queen set retails for $89.95 with, as you might've noticed, free shipping.

Photo From Herberger's

These flannel sheets (also featuring cardinals!) have a very vintage look. Love the greige with the soft green and pops of red. Also love the price. Herberger's has them on sale for $31.99.

Photo From Amazon

Or you could try these vintage look sheets from amazon that don't feature birds, but something about the softness of the graphic and the colorway is very reminiscent of the Anthro set! They are listed at $54.99.

2. Filigree Leaf Sheet Set

Photo From Anthropologie
Anthropologie's Filigree Leaf Sheet retails for $148.

Photo from Amazon
The Laura Ashley Prescot sheet set retails for $74.31 and shares a similar color palette and all over one color design as the Filigree Leaf set.

Has anyone else come across Anthropologie like at a fraction at the price?

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