Monday, December 3, 2012

Kate Middleton's Nursery

A quick extra post in honor of the world changing news announced this afternoon!

The palace has announced Kate Middleton is pregnant (and god help her, is suffering from
hyperemesis gravidarum). So how will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decorate the new little prince or princess's nursery?


Here are some amazing cribs that would look positively dreamy in Buckingham or Kensington Palace or even the "small" country place we all know is coming their way. They might be a little modern for Prince Charles's taste, but hey! Grandparents don't get a say, right?

Image Courtesy of Very Rosenberry

The Roh crib by Spot on Square combines wood with acrylic for an incredibly modern look. The new royal baby would already be framed (good for a life lived in front of cameras!), but wouldn't have to put up with the divided view most cribs offer common babies. Retails for about $1500.

Image Courtesy of Layla Grace
The DucDuc campaign crib seems a great fit for a baby royal. After all, campaign furniture was designed for the ruling class to take with them to various wars. This cribs sells for around $1800

Image Courtesy of Layla Grace
The Regency period was a dicey time for the English monarchy (what what the madness of King George and all), but the furniture was lovely. Plus, without the fallout from the period the way down the royal list Victoria would never have ascended to the throne, and she is Prince William's double great-great-great Grandmother! Available for $1800.

Photo Courtesy of Nurseryworks
Here's a simple little ghost crib (and probably won't be the only ghost the kid has to deal. Duchess Katherine deals with a ghost every day). It won't distract from the architecture of the royal quarters while allowing the baby the feeling of floating. All for $3500.

Just a few decorating suggestions for the future royal nursery. What kind of crib do you think Kate Middleton and Prince William will choose? (Also, I think Kate Middleton is having a girl. Morning sickness=girl in my experience.)

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