Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy, Happy, Happy, Haapppyyy Anniversary!

Am I the only who sings the Flintstones "Happy Anniversary" song...basically every time the phrase is uttered? Okay then.

J and I celebrated our third anniversary last week. A better blogger would have an awesome recap of their wedding complete with drool-worthy pictures of the big day and all the DIY projects they did. Together. As a couple.

I am not that blogger.

We don't even have pictures of the big day!

J and I were older (32 and 30) when we married, and had each been married before. Neither of us had any desire for a big wedding. We talked about various wedding-ish scenarios, but nothing really seemed like us. So we finally decided on going to the mountains and getting married. Just us. Oh, and Emily. Of course.

I found a wedding dress at Anthropologie, super similar to this one. I wore with a little gray cardigan, gray tights and black flats.

Photo From Anthropology

One of J's friends is a minister and agreed to marry us. We got married at Fort Mountain State Park. It was an absolutely beautiful day in a beautiful place.

Photo From North Georgia Photos
See? Beautiful! It was also about 150 degrees below zero and incredibly, crazily, miserably windy. Minister Friend was saying what I'm sure were beautiful things about marriage and love. I was so cold I was just hoping we got to the "I do's" before I froze to death. I at least wanted to go out married! J spent the ceremony clutching me to him, trying to shield me from the wind. Oh, and I wasn't just wearing my pretty dress and a cardi. I was BUNDLED. And still freezing. Even J (who complains about being hot even when I'm shivering while wearing layers of clothing and covered in blankets) was freezing. He shed a tear at one point (he's so much the sweetest spouse) and I worried about it freezing to his face. Poor little Emily was cowering at our feet in her coat. Probably fearful the next wind gust would blow her off the mountain. 

It was one of the happiest days of my life. We picked up our marriage certificate (small counties are awesome) and took our cold selves to LUNCH. We ate at Edna's restaurant in Chatsworth, GA. Y'all, I am something of a roadfood connoisseur. This place is awesome. I don't remember exactly what we ate (we were so busy gazing into each other's eyes!), only that we had coconut cream pie. Oh! And that J ordered pickled beets. I'd never had them before, so I tried one (I haven't had one since, either). I've had fried chicken there before/since and recommend it highly.

So, how did two hopeless romantics like ourselves celebrate our third anniversary?

Why, the same way we celebrated our first two!

Yes, lovelies, that is a meat and cheese plate. With grapes. We went with Dubliner, a super aged Gouda, and smoked cheddar. SO YUMMY. One of the reasons I fell in love with J? The man loves Law and Order, smoked meats, and cheeses. 

We also picked up a coconut creme pie, in honor of our wedding day desert.

So those our anniversary traditions. What are y'alls? (And because we don't have any pictures, I plan a redo on our fifth anniversary. This time I'm wearing a parka!)


  1. Happy Anniversary! You and J sound great for each other. I like hearing about what y'all do. Mine and Aaron's anniversary is in April. This upcoming April will be 2 years for us. We have a favorite quick get away place up in Idaho. (How lame does that sound??) It's about 3 1/2 hours. So not too far. It's called Lava Hot Springs. And we ADORE it! We probably go once every 3 months. And just soak in the hot pots. We don't always stay the night. But we did on our anniversary last year. I'm sure we'll do the same the 2nd time around. We also will be putting in our adoption application at that time :)

    1. That sounds AWESOME. I love hot springs. I also think your other anniversary plan is super exciting :).

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Congratulations :)

    Nate and I have our 3rd in June :) Actually, tomorrow is 2.5 years :D

  3. I love it!!! Happy anniversary, the wedding sounds PERFECT. Even if it was freezing. :) Matt & I have combined my wish for no wedding at all and his wish for the biggest wedding in the world into a quick little ceremony at the college we met and a nice sit down dinner. The guest list is 26... which is just parents, siblings & their families, and grandparents. No friends, no wedding party, no extended family. Woo hoo!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary! Your wedding sounded amazing! Especially since it was in Georgia... I do miss my home state :) My husband and I were married in an LDS Temple. We like to go back to the Temple at least once a month, but every year for our anniversary we make a special trip there. It always reminds me of our wedding day. I love it.


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