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11 Super Affordable Mid-Century Modern Leather Sofas

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Who knew there was such a thing as a variety of stylish, affordable leather sofas?

When I think of leather sofas, I think of this.

Sofa from Overstock
I'm not judging, especially since we could name this picture "J's dream sofa." It's just not my style. And I bet its not most of my readers' styles, either.

Photo Courtesy of HouseTweaking
Now, this sofa is more to my taste. A modern leather sofa. The Knoll-esque button back even gives it a Mid-Century modern feel. But it checks in at almost $2,000. Are there affordable modern leather sofas under a $1000? Even more specifically, do inexpensive leather Mid-Century Modern sofas exist?

My answer? A resounding yes! I found every permutation of modern/mid-century modern sofas for under a grand. Some of these, unsurprisingly, are faux leather.

IKEA Sater

Naturally my journey started with IKEA. This sofa is $399, features dark brown split leather and simple metal legs. Very clean lined. I've tested it out at IKEA, and its more comfortable than you might expect.
IKEA Karlstad
IKEA offers another option with the leather Karlstad. This sofa is $899 and comes in either brown or black. For a little extra you can get metal legs. Or you can do like all the cool bloggers do and paint the legs a darker color.

Overstock Cool Gray Faux Leather Sofa
This is a great option for people who don't have a lot of space (I'm kind of obsessed with settees after seeing how great Kenz's looks!). This small sofa is currently $294.99 from Overstock. Love the gray color (difficult to find in an affordable leather sofa) and the very MCM tapered legs.

Lexington Modern Florence Style Sofa from Amazon
Amazon is selling this Knoll-like leather sofa knock off (I'm planning on writing a post about how every furniture store that sells even slightly modern furniture makes serious bank by ripping off Knoll's sofa designs!) for $999. I've spent to many years looking at IKEA catalogs, because all I see is the Karlstad.

Le Corbusier Style Genuine Tan Leather LC2 Sofa from Overstock
Le Corbusier was a major force behind 20th century architecture and designed multiple pieces of furniture whom furniture companies happily knock off today. This Le Corbusier-esque sofa from Overstock looks great. It comes in multiple colors and hews closely to the original design. Overstock has it listed for $966.99, but I would Google around, because I saw it listed several different places. The product description lists as both genuine leather and vinyl, so...caveat emptor? 

angelo: HOME Sutton Saddle Brown Renu Leather Sofa from Overstock
I think the saddle brown color of the leather make this adorable settee style sofa look much more expensive than the $462.99 Overstock is currently charging for it. It's made of a leather composite over a wood frame, and the reviews on Overstock are pretty positive!

Mia Bark Flip Flop Sofa with Storage by Ashely Design (from Amazon)
This clean lined leather sofa is really, really nice. The lines are great. Very clean, very modern. Those bun feet need a serious reconsideration, but you could either paint them or replace them (since I'd bet money they are screw on legs). I think this is a can't go wrong modern leather sofa style, especially at $537. I like that the cushions are all one piece. I think it's a much cleaner look.

Monarch Specialities Bonded Leather Sofas from Wayfarer
So I was looking at this sofa on Wayfair when J looked over at my laptop. He really, really liked it. Which is surprising, since he tends to go for sofas like the one that started this post. Even more surprising? I really, really like it. I love its MCM by way of Googie lines. A Googie leather sofa? Who woulda thunk it?

Doesn't it look like it should be in Sam Spade's waiting room? And really, don't I base most of my furniture choices on whether or not a man in a trench coat and fedora with a cigarette clamped between his teeth would've liked it sixty years ago? Doesn't EVERYONE?

Ahem. Wayfair is charging $676.99 for this little beauty.

Brown Faux Leather Thompson Sofa from Target
If this sofa is in anyway comfortable, this is a great, great deal. $250 for a well designed leather mid century modern sofa bed? Unbeatable. I love the dark tapered legs and narrow, straight arms. Target claims a hardwood frame, and it gets good reviews.


Haverty's Contempo Sofa
Okay, I'm totally cheating a little with this sofa. The title of this post (if you remember reading it: I know this post is super long even for me!) is 11 super affordable modern leather sofas under a thousand dollars. Well. Haverty's has this sofa listed at $1099.99. I decided to cheat. This one time. But only because I figure that's only about 10% of the price, and therefore this sofa probably falls under a thousand bucks anytime Haverty's has a sale.

Plus, just look at it. It's gray, which was actually really hard to find in lower-end modern leather couches. It has that same mid century modern/googie style that I loved in the Monarch sofa. The legs are both tapered and tilted, which just SCREAMS mid-century modern to me. It manages to look stylish, modern, and comfy-cozy all at the same time. That's quite the feat! 

So here are my top 11 inexpensive leather sofa with either a modern or mid century modern flair. Do y'all have any favorites I've missed? (And I'll be back in the next week or so with more super affordable Mid-Century Modern sofas, and maybe a rant about the over-abundance of Knoll style sofas!)

This posts contains some affiliate links, but other than I was in no way paid or perked for mentioning these sofas/companies.


  1. This Brown Faux Leather Thompson Sofa looks so decent and stylish. It also seems wider than other ones.

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  3. Vintage Sofa Beautiful sofa and dresser! The whites get me excited about spring and thinking a bit lighter. :)

  4. How beautiful..! I was thinking about faux-leather for my sofa but I was worried about vinyl/PVC… What brand did you use? Thanks for sharing! Vintage Sofa

  5. The traditional leather sofa is a staple in thousands of homes across the globe, from first-time bachelor pads to family homes with children and pets. Their durability and their enduring ability to work in many different environments and decors make them a worthwhile investment. They will see many through some of their most important years and moments. This guide demonstrates how a piece of furniture as simple as a genuine leather sofas in the most common shade of all is as relevant and modern today as it was decades ago.


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