Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day Table

I've had a Pinterest board for a really long time, but I've never entered a Pinterest contest. The Wayfair Turkey Day Table  contest caught my eye. True confession? For some reason I thought Wayfair was a chain I never liked focused on building their internet presence. Not bad, really, just not my style. Yeah, I was wrong. Wayfair (and they aren't paying me, nor is this a requirement for the contest) has a really wide ranging group of wares, including a bunch of things I really, really like. Like Saarinan tables.

So. Without further ado. Things I would use if I was hosting Thanksgiving. This tablescape would also work for Christmas/holiday entertaining. Easily tweaked! I knew I wanted a vintage modern table. Something that recalled the spirit of eating holiday dinners at my grandmother's house, but with a more modern twist. You can see my whole board here.

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village

First things first. DISHES. We actually really need to buy some grown up dishes, and I'm going to do my best to convince J these are the dishes we need (I think he's going to declare these dishes "Delusions of Grandma," which he recently christened my decorating style. The boy simply doesn't appreciate vintage.)(I actually showed them to him. He absolutely hates them is amenable to further conversation about them.)

These dishes are, admittedly, a lot of look. To freshen the whole thing up I'd use the dinner plate and soup bowl and leave the other pieces for other occasions. A simple white salad plate stacked between the two helps cut down on pattern overload. I'd also use very streamlined silver and glassware to keep the whole thing "grandma inspired" instead of "strictly grandma."
Copper Mugs

I'm digging mixed metals in general. Incorporating them into the tablescape helps tilt the scales back towards "modern." Thrift stores are FULL of awesome platters in a variety of metals. I've never seen anything like these copper mugs. I'm seriously lusting after them. They'd be perfect for desert time coffee, especially when pared with...
David Shaw Metal Platter
A very modern silver platter. Imagine a few of these scattered around the table, holding tiny cupcakes and cookies. Mix in the saucers from the Friendly Village pattern for each person's use. Sophisticated vintage-ness.

Champagne Ball Shaped Votive 
Don't you love these? They just look so warm and inviting, yet festive! I want to march a line of them straight down the center of the table (I hate high centerpieces!). I think these could be easily DIY'ed. I'm imagining spray painting dollar store glass votives and then dabbing at them with a Q-Tip before they dry to achieve a mottled look. Hmm. Now I want to try it. #AddItToTheList
Owl Glass Pitcher
My feelings for this pitcher are ridiculous. I want to bring him home, name him Maurice, pat him on the head in the morning, and fill him with delicious drinks. I'd only let my favorite people have the honor of drinking from Dear Maurice.

Honestly, it's cute, fun pitcher. Amberish (there's probably an actual term for this, but I have no idea what it would be) glass was very popular for about twenty years and it still findable in most thrift stores. Maurice the Owl adds a little whimsy to the Thanksgiving tablescape and mixing in other amberish glass would be fun and inexpensive.

Linens-wise, I'd go mustard-y for Thanksgiving. Simple green or red lines would be lovely at Christmas, and dark blue and gold would be a less usual but still festive choice.

As for Thanksgiving food...I'm a traditionalist. However, with J I've learned traditions don't always match up. I don't eat green bean casserole (I'm shuddering with revulsion just thinking about it). J was horrified to discover I put diced boiled eggs in my dressing (what? That's my how my grandmother made it!). In the past I've made him green bean casserole and he pretended he loved eggs in his dressing.

What about you guys? What foods do you HAVE to have for Thanksgiving?

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  1. That owl is so adorable! I feel like it should be the law that every household has one.

    Happy Thanksgiving :)


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