Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seriously. Someone Thought These Pictures Were A GOOD Idea!

We all have a our little hobbies. One of my favorites is house gawking. I'm completely content to spend an afternoon wandering around different parts of town, checking out the housing stock. Internet realty searches makes this little hobby even more fun. I can look at houses all over the world and never leave my bed! So yes, I run random property searches and enjoy peeping at other houses and lives.

Now, realtors who only post one pictures (argh!) or even worse, NO PICTURES (double argh!) totally ruin my funtimes. Bad pictures also aren't a lot of fun, and there are a lot of bad realtor photos floating around real estate listing sites. However, sometimes you look at pictures and think, wow, it would've been so much better if you'd never ventured forth with your camera. Today we will look at one of those houses.

Tragically, this house is located not to far from where we live. The outside looks like an older, cute little blue cottage. But then the inside. Oh, god, the inside.

Something about the bright, happy picture hung on paneled walls painted black amuses me. I'm not against dark colors...but wow.

Props to the perfectly straight painted ceiling stripes (that's the kind of project that would drive me insane. Sadly, though, they really point out the terrifying lumpiness of the ceiling. Also, lets take a moment to ponder the amazingness that are vintage pine kitchen cabinets. These babies are indestructible. Ours are over fifty years old and are good shape. These cabinets are the only part of this house that doesn't make me want to run away screaming.

Do you know I've never considered the window next to a baby's crib as the absolute perfect place to store a rifle? I guess I just don't put enough thought into creative firearm/nursery storage! I can't decide what I find more horrifying. That someone feels like a nursery is a perfectly appropriate place to store firearms, or that no one thought it was a bad idea to take a picture of a gun hanging over a crib and slap it up on MLS.

Let me be real here. There are plenty of days where I lose control of the laundry. I'm not judging that. HOWEVER. Did the realtor just bust in, lock the family in another room (before the baby could grab the conveniently placed firearm) and take pictures against their will? Did the realtor then look at the photos and think yes, these will really get this property sold? (Amusingly, the listing is described as "having a stable rental history." I can't even.) Or did the realtor decide to be real, so that people would know what they were getting into when they asked for a showing?

I know this property got struck off my imaginary property list!


  1. LOL! Oh my gosh, you and I have SO much in common! My day job is in real estate, and I always creep my way through the MLS just "snooping" through peoples' houses. It ASTOUNDS me how horrible many of the pictures are. And, like you said, how much laundry is everywhere. Like, really... you couldn't have moved it out of the way for like 2 seconds? This post made my day! Thanks Trace :)

  2. This is horrible lol. WHAT!!!, Thanks for sharing this too made my day (rolling on the floor with laughter)

    1. Right? I don't even understand how anyone thought these pics would help sell a house.

  3. Here's an even creepier thought for you - maybe this IS when the place is picked up/cleaned up/tidied up for the Realtor to come and take pictures? I mean - that's a really weird place to put a gun on a regular basis - I bet it was just stuck up there "out of the way" so nobody could reach it for the time the Realtor was there? As for the choice of pictures, and the Realtor's camera handling panache - is there a course for Realtor's called "Really BAD picture taking 101"? Looks like this would be proof if there is one!

    1. Heh. Camera skills should definitely be part of a realtor's continuing education program.

      And, yeah, it crossed my mind that these might be the picked up pictures...or maybe the landlord didn't think to tell the renters the realtor was coming over?

      That ceiling still gives me nightmares.


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