Thursday, November 8, 2012

Paint. My Friend and My Foe.

I'll make one promise on this blog. Never, ever, never will I write "Paint! It's totally the easiest way to change up a room!" Or, "Paint! I don't even use dropcloths because I paint so neatly it's not an issue!"

Nope. Don't get me wrong. I love the huge difference paint makes. Painting the living/dining room was the number one thing we've done that makes this place feel like home. It totally changed a dingy little room into a warm, welcoming space I really want to spend time.

The problem is I HATE PAINTING. It requires coordination and the ability not to make a huge mess. These are not my best things. My grandfather? He could paint CEILINGS without any paint drips ANYWHERE (my grandmother pointed this out after my dad and uncle's attempt to paint her living room was, um, a little less successful. My grandfather>his descendants, obvi.).

But the Sherwin Williams paint sale is this weekend, and 40% off is pretty spectacular. Our kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and bedroom all need painting. Yeah, I'll be doing one. Know your limits, people. One at a time.

Now I just have to pick a paint color. I think I'm going to attack the bathroom (eel!) even though it kind of scares me.

Pink. White. I rather love the pink, but I do want it make the whole room look a little more modern and connected to the rest of the house. I love the sophisticated dark walls with the sweet pink tile.

Picture from Amazon
My other paint plan for the bathroom is to be "inspired" by this discontinued Anthropologie wallpaper.

Picture from Pinterest, originally from Anthropologie
I'd go grayer with the base color, and replace the purple with blue, but I've been obsessed with this pattern for almost two years.

However, going with a nice, dark greeny-blue to tie the bathroom in with the accent colors of the living room seems like a good first step to a cohesive household color scheme.

Picture from Young House Love

Martha Stewart's Peacock paint color is a perennial favorite that I'd love to use SOMEWHERE. The paint chip has been hanging out in my nightstand drawer forever. Young House Love used it in their guest room, confirming my thoughts that it would look fantastic in a room.

So...any ideas? Thoughts? Stories of painting tiled bathrooms?

(I really am going to paint the credenza...just as soon as it stops raining. Painting the bathroom might happen first.)


  1. Considering how much you hate painting, I would go with something you know you won't want to change in a year. Something a little "safe." This is coming from the person who repaints rooms every year. There are support groups for people like me.

  2. I love that pink and gray bathroom. Obviously, we are soul sisters when it comes to room color schemes.

  3. As I still search for the "follow on blogger button" lol! I work at a Theatre in Wichita Falls as the Set Dresser and Props master and one of my FAVORITE parts of the job is the "interior" sets I get to create! we do a lot of shows set anywhere from the 1920's -mid 1960's, so many rooms and so much BEAUTIFUL furniture I get to go out and find! (most of it from my own home!) I dont "love" painting, but I love what I can do with paint effects. My advice to you on the bathroom is to go with a light gray (not nearly as dark as in the sample picture) The reason I think this will work best for you is because with how small the bathroom is, a dark color will make it smaller (think your livingroom and the Choclate paint) I think you could get a very stylish effect with a light gray and then use dark accents, (curtians/rug/shower curtian) that way if you dont like the dark, its easily changeable. I would also suggest leaving the window sill/ framing around the window white to compliment your white tub sink and toilet! My rule of thumb with gray is "if you like the shade it is (dark or light) go one shade lighter for the desired effect. But that's just me! :)


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