Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's A Party!

Maybe you've heard of a The Book? (Currently the number one Home Remodeling book on Amazon!) I don't think a single DIY/lifestyle/home blog reader is unaware that Young House Love wrote a book. And The Book (I think this should be its unofficial nickname)? Its pretty awesome.

 I was curious to see how a couple who has blogged their way through two houses, with projects ranging from gutting bathrooms to hanging clipboards could come up with a book worth of fresh, fun, doable projects...well, the answer is they are super creative and they knocked it out of the park. As I flipped through the book I realized I wanted to complete just about every project.

So Emma, Kenzie, Stephanie and I wanted to throw a little internet party!

That's right, we are a squad! Partly because we were all super excited about the book, and partly as a thank you to Young House Love for introducing the four us. On a micro level,  I found Emma on YHL comments (and with a name like Broke Ass Home you know I was heading over to read her site), she led me to Kenzie  and eventually I found Stephanie. On a macro level Sherry and John have really  fostered the DIY blog community as a whole (and, you know, provided years of entertainment and inspiration). We thought a link project based around the projects in The Book was only appropriate!

We are not affiliated with Young House Love, but we did get their seal of approval for our little idea.

So come back November 26th and link up your project! It doesn't have to be anything large/expensive/time-consuming. Seriously, some of my favorite projects in the book were under $20 and could be done in a couple of hours. At most. Some projects could be done in minutes. With stuff easily found around your house. We want to see all of them!

As for me? Well, I've not hit upon a good solution for the window with the ugliest shades ever...

Poor ugly windows
But I found an idea I loved in The Book.


  1. Thank you for coming up with this idea Tracie! I'm glad we were all brought together by the magical internet force of YHL.

    Bloggers Unite!


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