Saturday, November 3, 2012

Election Time Crafts!

Just a quick weekend update.

No matter what your political leanings, Election Day is an exciting time. Many people entertain while watching the results, and need some fun party games. Other people may want to fill their littles with the wonder of the electoral process. So here are a few participatory Election crafts/fun things.

1. The Engineer Print

Yes, practically every blogger in blogger land has made and blogged about engineer prints. Read all about them here and here. This time, instead of a picture of a dog or child, you will load a black and white outline map of the USA onto your thumb drive and head to Staples.

Image from Image Maps

Staples will print an 18x64 black and white print for about two dollars. Pick up some blue and red markers. Come home, and using painter's tape at the corners to (temporarily) attach the map to an easily get-at-able wall. As the election results come in, color each state accordingly. If your house is big enough, you could put up the maps in various rooms. Or if you have more than one child, make each child their own map.

2. Bingo!

Use a free Bingo generator like Print-Bingo.  State bingo is a preloaded template on the site. Your bingo card will look like this:

State Bingo 

Pass out the red and blue markers, and the first person to get Bingo in a solid color wins!

3. Thrift Store Puzzles!

Head out to the thrift store, and buy a couple of random jig saw puzzles. Spray one blue and the other red. Each time a state is called, dole out number of electoral college votes of the appropriate color. Yes, putting together an one colored jigsaw will be a little more challenging.

Have fun, everyone!


  1. LOVE that idea of getting an engineer print of the States and filling it in with red/blue.

    So creative!

  2. Thanks! For former social studies teacher/complete dorks, election night is like our Super Bowl!


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