Friday, November 16, 2012

Differences in Decorating

Marriage is many things. It is many wonderful things. It is also a series of compromises. I've mentioned (many, many times) before that J and I don't exactly have the same decorating style. While we disliked many of the same things (shabby chic, super traditional) there wasn't a lot we both liked.

Which was...problematic.

Here is a room J thinks is fabulous.

Photo from Houzz
Wood paneling? Check. Stone? Check. Ugly Comfortable recliners? Check. Now, it is missing leather sofas and he's not a fan of white rugs (because of the messy wife dog). Still, it's pretty close to everything he loves.

Meanwhile, over in Tracie land...

Julianne Moore's Living Room, Featured in Domino, by way of Coco & Kelley

See the difference? I like color, clean lines, and crafty fun times.

So we meld our tastes together. The living/dining room is an ongoing compromise. Lots of wood and brown tones, but also clean lines and fun pops of vintage awesomeness (like the art). The sofa is leather...but it's days are also numbered.

We both love the dining furniture (and will love it more when I replace the seat upholstery). And now the horse art hangs over the table, and looks awesome. Still, though, we need a light fixture over the table for both form (it'll look pretty) and function (there's no light on that side of the room). So when I saw this on Emily Henderson's blog today, I just knew I had found the perfect answer. It's stylish! It's simple! It's cheap (probably the most important factor!).

Excitedly, I showed it to J. Who laughed. A lot. And then asked if I got it off Pinterest. And then laughed some more. Then I asked him if he thought it wouldn't look right over the dining table, what did he think of using them in our bedroom. That's when the following dialogue commenced.

J: Do you remember Green Eggs and Ham?

Me: Yes...?

J: Because...

I do not like them on a wall
I do not like them in the hall

I do not like them over there
I do not like them by the chair

I do not like them with a truck
I do not like them because they suck

I do not like them because they're cheap
They look so awful they make me weep

I do not like them by the door
If people see them, they'll think we're poor

While being poor may be true
Without those people may think your decorating sense has an f'n clue

So after I finished laughing and made him repeat his rhyming masterpiece to me while I typed it in, I remembered why I married him. The man's decor sense might be lacking, but his ability to make me laugh is fantastic.

AND although he doesn't understand the genius of a hula hoop lamp, he's agreed to help me make one next week.

What decor designs cause debate your houses? Seriously, tell me, because sometimes I feel like every other couple agrees about every little thing they do in their homes.


  1. He hates it and you still won? That's incredible.

    The only thing Nate and I ever really fight over is a timeline- when and what order we want things to get done. I'd rather get home from work and crank stuff out, he'd rather only work on Sunday. It's an issue lol

  2. Who knew J was such a poet? I could never pull something out that quick. lol.

    Me and Aaron disagree all the time on design decisions. But I like it. The marriage of our ideas is always better than either of us could have done alone.

  3. He's super witty, and comes up with them quickly (unlike me, who comes up with pithy sayings a day or so after the opportunity to use them has past).

    I like seeing where our combined tastes lead us. Good to know other couples "have discussions."

  4. My husband and I disagree on everything related to decorating. Years ago in frustration I hired a decorator that he chose. When she agreed with my choices, he accused me of bribing her. I'd like to offer a solution, but after 33 years of marriage, we haven't found one.

  5. This is hilarious! Our husbands would be best friends I think. We are trying to meld our styles too.

  6. My husband and I never see eye-to-eye. I think for every John & Sherry there are 1,000,000 couples like us, don't worry. (And even John & Sherry must argue a lot!) I'm a big believer in the man cave. One room in the house where anything that matters a lot to him can go. I'm also a big believer in notifying him as early as I can of all the things I want to do so when it comes time to do them, he's heard it so many times he just goes with it. I'm also a big believer in just doing whatever the hell I want and reminding him that I'm a woman and my instinct is to nest and that I can't fight biology and neither can he, as long as his instinct is to ever want to have nookie with me again. Somehow it works. ;-)


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