Thursday, August 30, 2012

First Glimpses House Tour

So roughly a year and a half after we moved in, it seems time to share some first glimpse photos. Neither J nor I had looked at these photos since I took them. They bring up some mixed emotions. I look at them and part of me thinks, wow, it really does look better now. The other part of me sees all the things we still haven't done. And oh, there are so many things left to do.

Our front door. One of our first projects was changing out the doorknob and deadbolt...which you can't see in this picture because of the screen door. There were weird carpet mats we disposed of quickly. Its very trendy to remove screen doors, but I love it. We plan on repainting the doors this fall.

Now you are in our tiny foyer. We've painted it and changed the light fixture, and its made a huge difference. I need to address all the door hardware in this house. A rug would also be great.

Standing in the foyer looking towards the living/dining room. J is standing in the kitchen doorway. The lovely valences behind him are history. The nastiness of the carpet (read all about it )is kind of apparent. This is the room I look at and know we've gotten so much accomplished.

Here's a closeup of the floor, mid-carpet pull up. Emily (our beloved yordle) looks horrified in each and every picture we took at this stage of the house. It just wasn't up to her standards.

The hallway. Emily still disapproves, because I've yet to do anything with it. The previous occupants smoked. You can tell because of the nicotine stains. Amazingly, this is the only room with them.

Our bedroom. Those horrible lamps are gone. We actually left them for awhile (I have no idea why. Laziness? I even thought I might spray paint them and reuse them, but that was crazy thinking. They are hideous and cast terrible light). Yes, we have window units. No, it's not terrible. Other than the floor...not so much done in here. We plan on painting in here soonish.

I love this picture so much. See how the tile shines and glows and generally looks like an advertisement for vintage bathrooms? Hahahahaha. This bathroom is a battleground. I spent weeks cleaning the grout. On its best day it never looks like this. I still need to paint the walls, replace the sink, and do something about the linen closet door (take it down, probably).

So a quick and dirty (oh, it was so very dirty) tour of our house as it looked in January, 2011.


  1. I like the pink bathroom a lot! I think that you could do a great vintage Anthropologie look in there. They have some great bathroom mats. Looking forward to seeing more! :D

  2. I have the same bathroom in green...but it's a green that falls somewhere between mint and avocado. I like the pink!


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