Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love You, and You, and You...

Yes, this post would have worked better yesterday. What can I say? I suck. In the spirit of Valentine's Week (ha! problem solved) I wanted to share the five blogs that inspire me daily.

Retro Renovation.
I've been reading Pam's genius site for YEARS. If you love or live in mid-century homes you'll love her site, it is a must read, chock full of archival images, how-tos, and just generally great ideas. I love that she coined the phrase mid-century modest to celebrate the vast majority of the housing stock available from the era. I mean, I adore Eichler homes and would love to have one, but I doubt it'll ever happen. Love the house you're in, indeed.

Young House Love.
What is there to say, really, about the duo recently dubbed the Brangelina of the home improvement bloggy world? Our styles aren't identical, but their blog is well-written, fun, and lovely. Plus, the fact that their new-to-them home is still a work a progress is a little beacon reminding me I don't have to have this house finished, like, yesterday.

The Wednesday Chef.
Look, I like to eat, okay? I love her writing style, wish she'd update more often, can't wait for her book, and have never made a bad meal from one of her recipes.

Manhattan Nest.
This kid is RIDICULOUSLY young. I felt so ancient when I realized he graduated from high school in 2008. However, he has an amazing eye for thrift store finds and his apartment is to die for.

The Brick House.
Here's another blogger with a definite talent for thrifting. Morgan's super-fantastic finds make me want to relocate to California. Right now.

What blogs inspire you guys? What should I be ogling on a regular basis?

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