Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feeling Stripey

So with a to-do list beginning to resemble War and Peace obviously what I need to do is focus on cool paint effects for the hallway.

The hallway must be perfect. It directly links every room in the house save for the kitchen. And it is tiny. Super, super tiny. So I want it to serve as a link between the other rooms in the house while also making an interesting design statement in its own right.

So...I've been thinking about horizontal stripes. This wouldn't be the first time painted stripes and I made friends. I went a tiny bit crazy with them in my first place back in the late nineties (purple and cream, friends, purple and cream).

So before all you think well, Tracie, welcome to the trend of 2008 consider this:

I found this picture in a 1976 decorating book I've had for ages (The New Complete Basic Book of Decorating by William E. Hague). The metallic stripes actually make me think of Martha Stewart's new line of metallic paints at Home Depot. Jeremy is itching to use them in our bedroom, but more about that later. I think this picture still looks fresh and modern...except for the silver vertical blinds.



Wall Stripes | Jonathan Klunk - Interior Design Blog |.

A newer picture. I love the scale of the stripes. I'm considering Martha Stewart's Burlap for the main color, and I think the darker Chocolate Ganache would look fabulous as the skinnier stripe.



Home Office Makeover for Mom by Jen Chu Professional Project | Apartment Therapy San Francisco.

This picture was actually the inspiration for this post. I've been meditating on stripes for awhile, but I liked this picture so much I realized I needed to talk about them. Obviously.



Our First House | Young House Love.

Love the crispness.

Has anyone played the stripe game at their abode?

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  1. A few days ago, I watched an episode of Color Splash on HGTV where David painted horizontal stripes in a kitchen and I've been thinking about it ever since. He used this limey-green for the upper cabinets and bright, glossy red for the lower cabinets and then painted various sized stripes on the wall in the limey green and gray. It sounds obnoxiously bright, but I really liked it.


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